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     As mentioned before in the game of golf, due to the high degree of specialization and customization, new golf equipment tends to be on the more expensive side. All prices for the equipment that are noted here are approximate.

     A full set of clubs costs between $150-300. However, the price can increase depending on the brand name, as well as features such as materials. For example, some golf clubs are made with titanium, and are a lot more expensive.

     Drivers are sold individually, and sometimes in pairs. A cheaper driver will cost between $50-100. A more expensive brand will cost anywhere from $200-400. Woods are usually sold individually, and start from $150, with the average price at about $250. Irons are normally sold in sets, and can cost between $50-100 on the cheaper side. A more expensive set will cost around $200, but can go as high as $700. Putters are relatively inexpensive. Sold individually, they cost between $25-50. Wedges are sold either individually or in sets of three or four. Individual wedges start at $30, and a set of wedges cost around $100.

     Golf shoes or cleats generally cost between $40-60, but can easily go up to $100. Bags sell at anywhere between $50-250, and training aids cost between $25-50. Golf balls are generally sold in sets of 12 or 15, and cost between $20-50.