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     Golf apparel includes several different items. Golf shirts, polo shirts, knickers, t-shirts, caps, towels, wind shirts, visors, golf bags, jackets and vests are all popular apparel that golf players wear on the course. A golfer's attire can make he or she feel more confident in their game so dress the part for a successful play.

     Modern golf clothing should be comfortable, fine, and made of light materials. The overall look is meant to be relaxed and clean. Golf wear is so popular that often individuals wear golf apparel to the office on casual dress days.

     Golf shoes are available with three different types of soles: traditional spikes, alternative (soft) spikes, and spikeless. Spikes were created to improve a golfer's traction on wet or sloped grassy surfaces.

     Caps and hats offer protection against the sun while visors leave a golfer feeling a bit cooler because it doesn't trap the heat in but still protects the eyes. The visor tends to be a popular choice. A wide-brimmed hat, a cap and a visor are fashionable preventives for skin cancer.

     Golfing gloves are considered mandatory wear. Golfers often wear a glove on the left hand for the simple reason that leather has a better grip than human skin. The left hand is the control hand, so even a minor slip could send your ball in the wrong direction. Wearing a glove is especially important when the humidity is high or it's raining. A golf glove will improve your swing mechanics and help you hit longer drives.

     Sunglasses are important eyewear for golfers. Nearly 85 percent of the information that an individual receives comes to the brain from the visual-sensory system. Golf requires accurate visual perception. Alignment and distance assessment are visually-related skills. Even concentration can be affected by visual fatigue. UV-protective sunglasses have a proven benefit in reducing the risk of cortical cataracts.